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This product has started an explosive marketing campaign that actually has 3 comparative sites that feature its own products. Unlike Irexis, it does not do so in full disclosure (as this one does) but rather features its own products as the top options on several third party sites that are actually owned by the company. Outside of the unique method of advertising, this product is a middling one and I suspect the high price goes to pay for the multifaceted marketing and advertising campaign.

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I’m not really wild about this product.  The top ingredients listed are more vitamin-like than interesting active ingredients that are supposed to somehow create magic in terms of male enhancement.*

Ingredients such as magnesium, chromium, copper, etc., sound metal-like but that does not necessarily mean that they actually have a metal or steel-like effect. Still this product is quite innocuous so it should not lead to any adverse reaction. Individuals should still be very careful reading labels and allergy alerts when consuming any ingestibles.pill

So back to the pill, it’s essentially a vitamin, not a bad one but its properties are for an overall healthy lifestyle. Whether it promotes what men are looking for in a male enhancement product does NOT seem apparent.

Here’s why, or more to the point, here’s why it won’t help: The product lacks Yohimbe, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Maca, as well as a plethora of other ingredients.  Ginseng would have been nice as well. These are the type of products that have been sought after by men who type in keywords such as “male enhancement” or “pills for men”, etc. If you are shopping online you usually want something strong and something you cannot get at the corner convenience store. That’s what you are getting with Zytenz, just an average product that you can get much cheaper at your local store.

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It does have a guarantee but the company is somewhat hard to reach. Never purchase a product when the phone number is not at the top of every page of the website… That’s lesson one whether its male enhancement products, penis pills or tires for your car. You always want to make sure you’re reaching someone and make sure you’re reaching the company itself and not a call center especially during working hours. Again, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

To wrap up, the company isn’t transparent. There’s no About Us page, even on their product site (I’m not even referring to the review sites which they own).

I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’m not a fan of Zytenz.

Richard Fuchs is the founding editor of The Health Review, a respected magazine publishing health tips and articles. The Health Review was established in 1993. Richard Fuchs is a board member of Lab88
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