Throughout the generations, tribesmen from Nigeria to Gabon in Western Africa have held the secret to a long and pleasurable sex life, Yohimbe.

While some add this amazing ingredient to their food, others have distilled the yohimbe bark to be used a brewed drink that is enjoyed before sex.

For years, outsiders would need to brave the dangerous terrain to obtain some yohimbe for themselves, but thankfully, this is no longer needed.

Starting with the research of chemists working over 100 years ago, scientists have been able to isolate a specific alkaloid compound from the bark that was chewed or brewed and that research led to the discovery that yohimbine, the alkaloid, was actually effective in raising the sexual performance and endurance of animals… and humans.

Yohimbine acts as a vasodilator, which means that it increases blood flow in the circulatory system by dilating the blood vessels. This increased blood flow rushes to the extremities, leading to longer, harder, thicker erections.  This makes Yohimbe possibly the most important ingredient in any male enhancement product available today. In fact, it’s so important (and expensive to produce) that many other sex pills with weak formulas have started “warning” people about the dangers of Yohimbe… but these warnings have no basis in truth.

Now this is not to mean that Yohimbe is for everyone!

People with high blood pressure, heart issues, anxiety, or those who are simply not healthy enough for an active sex life should avoid yohimbe.

It’s always a great idea to speak with a doctor or health care practitioner before beginning any new dietary supplement routine.

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Yohimbe, the secret key to unlocking your greatest sexual potential.