Who knew there are actually trends for sexual health? But after doing a bit of research we came up with these practices that may help you to have a more rewarding sex life. Open your mind and body to these off-beat sex techniques and positions and reap the payoff with mind-blowing sex.



EDGING. This is the stop-and-start method of activity.  Alone or with a partner, work yourself up to the very precipice of orgasm and then stop. After you’ve settle down a bit, resume sex or masturbation and do it all over again, and again, and again for as many times as you can stand it. When you finally allow yourself to orgasm, it will feel so much more potent and rewarding.


MARINATING.  After inserting the penis into the partner’s vagina, simply lie there.  It’s just like sex—only without the exertion or the payoff. So why is this trending? According to urban legend this method is popular amongst religious groups where pre-marital sex is off limits as a way to evade the rules.  If there is no ejaculating there is no risk of pregnancy.


KAREZZA:  According to its creator, Alice Stockham, the word karezza is derived from the Italian word "carezza" meaning "caress". The concept of karezza is also known as sexual continence, is to engage in slow, passionate sex denying orgasm. The technique prolongs sexual pleasure to the point of achieving mystical ecstasy. For some denying orgasm is more rewarding than having the orgasm.


TANTRIC SEX. Derived from the broader, Eastern meditation concept of tantra, this style of sex is all about ecstatic consciousness by connecting to your partner’s body through techniques like coordinated breathing and erotic massage.




HEAD RUSH. Lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor but your butt and legs still on the bed.  Have her sit at the edge of the bed straddling you. The blood rushes to your head creating mind-blowing sensations as you orgasm. Heat level - 5


LEG-UPS.  She lifts her legs onto your shoulders, thereby increasing muscular tension to advance an orgasm. By elevating her butt off the bed, she can thrust easier. Heat level - 5


BOTTOMS UP. She lies on her back while you straddle her facing the opposite way. She lifts her legs wrapping them around your back thus elevating her pelvis helping you to enter. She then grabs your butt to help you rotate up and back. . Heat level – 4


HOVERING DRAGONFLY. Rest a pillow behind her head as she lies prone,  you straddle her shoulders while supporting yourself holding onto the wall or headboard. Heat level – 3


GIFT-WRAPPED.  Both of you lie on your sides facing one another, then she wraps her legs around your back. Heat level – 2