There are a few reasons that might cause you to consider reviving your sex drive. These issues may be physical or psychological so it is important to first identify the cause before finding a remedy. Health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, as well as psychological disorders such as stress and depression all contribute to losing the spark in the bedroom.

Following a healthy diet combined with regular exercise can help bring many medical conditions under control, thus doing so should improve sexual performance and increase energy levels too.

Psychological problems can be combated by taking up activities like meditation and yoga or a new hobby. In addition to this, bring some variety into the bedroom and forget the same old, regular routine. Learn some new moves and techniques for pleasing your partner. Try and create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy with the help of scented candles and silky linen.

In addition, add a natural male enhancement pill like Irexis Male Enhancement, containing ingredients Yohimbe and Tongkat Ali. These have been shown to help increase libido, endurance and sexual function.