What guy can resist the temptation to make his “package” bigger? Many men will lump all male enhancement pills into the category of Male Enlargement, when actually the vast majority of male sex pills are offering better sexual function.  Let’s examine some facts.


5 Myths about Natural Male Enhancement Aids:

  1. Size Really Does Matter -- Especially To Men. According to one study, 85 percent of women said that they were satisfied with their partner's penis size, yet only 55 percent of men indicated satisfaction with their equipment [source:  LiveScience  - livescience.com/4489-penis-myths-debunked). The average non-erect penis measures between 3 to 4 inches and grows to 5 to 7 inches when erect. Male enhancement pills DO help to increase the blood flow, allowing for improved, better, stronger erections, they will NOT magically grow the penis 4-5 inches.  Any pill that promises rapid, extreme growth in a ridiculously short time is just a scam.

  2. Grow Your Penis After Stretching 30 Minutes A Day. Another size scam. The reality is that the penile chambers aren't meant to be stretched; they're should remain tight, providing rigidity to the penis when filled with blood.

  3. Herbs are Safe. YES many are but do your research. Some unscrupulous vendors sell “Chinese” secret ingredients that may be hiding as prescription drug variations. Stick with tried and true ingredients like Maca, ginseng, Muira Puama and Tribulus Terrestris. The reason you see certain ingredients cropping up in many male enhancers is because they have been known to work.

  4. Ingredients are Listed Correctly.  Again, while NOT the norm, there are fraudulent merchants that may include substances suspiciously close to sildenafil -- the drug in prescription male enhancement medications, posing a big risk to men who take them unknowingly and may be at risk for interference with medications for heart conditions with potentially dangerous results.

  5. Performance-Enhancing Pills and Herbs Work. There is truth to this statement, but buyer-do-your-research!  Purchase from a reputable manufacturer known to have sold millions of doses safely and effectively.  Lab88 is known for its adherence to safety, using time-tested ingredients manufactured in a GMP laboratory (Good Manufacturing Practices - - FDA certified). Irexis has sold millions of doses safely and effectively.  That is why it remains the leader in the natural male enhancement category.