Sticky sexual situations don’t end with your teen years. Even the adults may find themselves in circumstances that may cause them to fluster. Have no worries, there is a graceful way to get out of them. 



If your partner makes a weird request, you need to consider if you are ashamed to do it and if it is safe? If the answer to both questions is No then it may be beneficial to be open-minded and have a willingness to try it. Experts recommend having a "safe word" that lets your partner know it’s time to stop. Just knowing you can call a stop when you need to, can help you enjoy the moment.


Can’t Get Aroused

Erectile issues are normal, so if you don’t make too big a fuss about them, chances are, your date won’t either. Men may lose their erection for any number of reasons from putting on a condom, stress, anxiety, confidence, medications, illness or simply age. Using a daily male enhancement supplement can help fortify your libido, support endurance, and enhance performance.


Her Time of the Month

Period sex can be messy, so it really depends if you are comfortable with that. If you want to go for it, there’s no need to feel embarrassed.


Caught in the Act

It is not uncommon for a guy to get caught during a delicate moment, either solo or with a partner, therefore its best to address the embarrassment head-on.  Saying something like, “I thought I was having some private time here,” or, “Sorry we thought we were alone.” If you’re married and get caught by your kids, they may interpret sexual situations as Mom and Dad fighting, so it’s imperative to swiftly let your child know that you are playing.


Hooking Up With a Coworker

Believe it or not nearly a quarter of adults say they’ve had a fling with a work colleague. Whether it’s a one-night stand or the start of something serious, minimizing damage to your career or reputation by not sharing your emotions on other coworkers. Be professional at the office, because you want to avoid the appearance of favoritism.


Sex With An Ex

Proceed with caution. In many cases, one partner is hoping to get back together, while the other is just in it for the sex. Someone is bound to get hurt. Best to discuss upfront, but if you already sealed the deal? Be kind about it and say “I had a great time being with you, but I don’t want to rekindle our relationship.”