The latest demographic statistics show that there are over 100 million men in America between the ages of 15 and 67. Studies estimate that around 40 million males are dissatisfied with either their penis size or the duration they are able to maintain an erection. While it can be safely assumed that a large proportion of this fear is unfounded, that still leaves many millions of men who do have problems with male enhancement or suffer from varying degrees of sexual dysfunction.

Historically, men have always wanted a bigger penis, even though modern research shows that penile size has little or no impact on sexual gratification for either a man or a woman. A man with a small penis can achieve sexual satisfaction and bring a woman to orgasm. But despite these scientific findings, men from the beginning of time have wanted to have larger penises. The cause may be psychological rather than any physiological need, yet sex is as much about the mind as it is about the body.

In the old days, various methods to increase penis size were used. From love potions to magical incantations, ointments to weights to stretch the organ and penile pumps to drugs, everything has been tried. The fact is that except for male sex pills as a solution, all these devises are of little or no use. Even prescription drugs have their known problems and side effects.

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